Career Change | It Doesn’t Have To Be Frightening

A career change does not have to be a frightening event. Of course if you are currently unemployed and need to find a job quickly to pay your bills, you may not have the time to change careers. Why? Often times a new career means learning new skills or going back to school. But with the advent of online universities and vocational training schools, you could conceivably learn those skills in your spare time even if you are currently employed or find a job.

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Reasons for a career change:

Your current job is just not paying enough to make ends meet

You are unemployed and the market for jobs with the skills you have is very soft

You hate what you do

You moved and your current skills won’t get you a job in your new location

You’ve developed a medical condition that prevents you from continuing your current career

…….and many more

To make matters worse, lets face it, the economy sucks!!! But that may also be a reason to change careers. The point is that sometimes you just don’t have a choice.

The first thing a person needs to do is evaluate their current financial condition.

Do you have a family and need to increase your income immediately?

Have you lost your job and used up all your savings?

Has your spouse also lost their job or are they even looking for employment to begin with?

If you fall into any of these categories your best bet is to try and find any gainful employment you can and then try and find the time to learn new skills that will enable you to find a better paying job. First try and figure out what you would like to do for a living, a lot of people really don’t like what they do. When you do something you enjoy you usually end up being more successful than if you were doing something you dislike.

If on the other hand you’re single with very few expenses or if you have quite a bit saved up in the bank, you options are obviously much wider. You could consider moving to a different city that is experiencing job growth, New york City, for example has been adding jobs each month for almost a year. You could go back to school and learn something you enjoy and might be in demand.

A career change is challenging, there is no doubt about that, but its not impossible and it shouldn’t give you sleepless nights.

Consider your options and make a plan.